School Application

Before you submit your application to Regent Christian Online Academy (RCOA), be sure you understand the following

  • I know that RCOA is a Christian school. By completing this application I understand that RCOA operates with a Christian Worldview based on the scriptures as found in the Holy Word of God: the Bible.
  • I understand that meaningful weekly communication between my child and the teacher via RCOA online learning management systems (FreshGrade and Canvas) and/or participation in our face-to-face programming is an expectation of enrolment.
  • I understand that enrolled learners in Grades 4 or 7 are expected to participate in the Ministry of Education mandated Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) with only limited exceptions permitted according to ministry policy.
  • I understand that in order to grant access to our online learning management systems, each learner in grades 8–12 must have an email address that is unique to them. Designated Special Education (SE) students who are not able to communicate for themselves will be exempt from this requirement.
  • Child and parent/guardian information is required to complete this application. I consent to Regent Christian Online Academy collecting information about my child and family for the sole purposes of enrolment and school records.
  • I understand that my application is subject to approval by an admissions advisor. (You can expect an email from an advisor within three business days of submitting your application).

Documentation Needed

You must have the following documentation availible in digital format. Please ensure your documents are legible. Illegible documents will result in delays.

All Applicants Each Year

  1. Doctor's note for life threatening medical conditions, if applicable.

NEW Applicants Only

  1. Child's birth certificate
  2. Care Card Number (no image/upload required)
  3. Latest report card or interim report from previous school

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School Application

Welcome to Regent Christian Online Academy (RCOA) and our application form. Thank you for choosing our team to partner with you in providing quality Christian education to your child.

RCOA is a Distributed Learning (DL) Christian School that serves home educating families from kindergarten to grade 12. Graduates earn either a Dogwood Diploma or a School Completion Certificate. We offer enrolled, registered, and cross-enrolled options.

  • We are no longer accepting applications for learners with special education (SE) needs for the current school year (2019-20).
  • We are accepting applications for regular students for the current school year (2019-20).

  • Applications for all returning RCOA families for the new school year (2020-21) will open as of February 1st, 2020.
  • Applications for families new to RCOA for the new school year (2020-21) will open as of
    March 1st, 2020.

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Enrolled in Distributed Learning (DL) (Grades K-12)

Below are some questions to guide you in determining if DL enrolment is right for you:

  • Would you like your child to be enrolled in a school where as the parent you partner with the school to take responsibility for the home program?
  • Would you like to help facilitate your child’s home learning in partnership with a BC certified teacher?
  • Would you like your child to be assessed regularly and to receive provincial grade indicators, report cards and a permanent student record?
  • Would you like your child upon meeting graduation requirements to receive a BC graduation certification (Dogwood or Evergreen accordingly)?

If so, then Distributed Learning (DL) Enrolment is for you!

Cross-Enrolled (XE) (Grades 8-12)

The Ministry of Education allows students in grades 8 – 12 to take courses at more than one school. Fees may apply.

  • Are you currently taking most of your courses at another school in BC (regular campus or distributed learning)?
  • Do you desire to have a school other than RCOA as your School of Record (SOR)? (Your SOR is the school where you will participate in graduation celebrations. Your SOR is the school who will report your grades to the Ministry of Education for you. Your SOR is the school where you are taking the majority of your courses.)

If so, then Cross-Enrolment is for you!

Registered Home School Status (Reg HS) (Grades K-12)

Below are some questions to guide you in determining if Reg HS is right for you:

  • Does your family desire the full freedom of Traditional Registered Homeschooling?
  • Do you desire complete control and independence from the Ministry of Education learning outcomes while educating your child at home?
    • Please be aware that this means you will not be able to access the full funding available for curriculum.
    • You will not be assigned a Christian certified teacher to support your progress and no Report Cards will be created for you.
    • Your child is welcome to participate in our Face-to-Face programming if space allows. Our Partners in Education (PIE) program is not available to registered home learners.

If so, then Registered Home Schooling is for you!

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